I know, in fact we all know, that Murphy’s law is sometimes annoying, often humorous to the bystander, but never welcome to the un-willing participant. :/ I have been under the weather as of late, and should be doing my best to get plenty of rest and drink water like a fish. HOWEVER, for some afore mentioned reason, I find myself sitting in front of this plastic box of silicone chips and plastic coated wires attempting to start writing another blog. Yes, another blog. Like I didn’t learn the first time. But, as my husband, friends and children will attest, I am prone to taking on too much, even in the midst of paring down. So, amid the accomplishments as of late that include: purging SEVEN truckloads of crap and garbage to either the dump or Salvation Army (accordingly of course!), finally tackling the bathroom that was literally falling apart around us, letting go of a great job for simply lack of my available time to commit to it, getting through the Christmas season in the black instead of the red, losing 10lbs and finally getting my computer out of my kitchen – I am going to try again, fresh and new and fun, to keep a blog. It may end up the way of the 42 diaries I have tried to start over the years, ok maybe not 42, but at least this time I have some sort of plan in mind.


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