Ring a bell and I salivate…

I hate being a slave to technology, but for some reason Facebook has me set to log on at any cue!  Today I was cleaning up the house for company to visit, opened the dishwasher, thought I should put on some music and went to put a disc in the computer drive and next thing I knew I was surfing facebook!  The other day I was in a hurry to leave the house because we woke up an hour late and everyone was going to be late for school and I was half dressed when I realised I was standing at the computer surfing facebook!  I have found myself logged on without even having fed the kids and by the time I log off, my oldest daughter has fed her sister and it’s now almost noon and I still hadn’t eaten or dressed!!  I think I also hold a record for the number of logins in one day, I admit I lost count but, somewhere around 90?  In one day…   And here I sit again, 10:15 at night, sick (still) and should be in bed resting and I have not showered, still haven’t taken any meds or had any much needed water and realise that I not only have facebook logged in on the computer, but I am also logged in on the iPad!!  Sigh, I think I need intervention or something.  :S

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