Play on Words, easy on the mind.

I just finished reading an entertaining book called, “How To Slay A Dragon” by Bill Allen.  A fantastic play on words from beginning to end, this humorous account of one boy’s attempt at triumph over the impossible is a fun, lighthearted read.

A 12 year-old boy named Greg Hart is transported into another world called Myrth, where a prophecy predicts he will slay a dragon and save a princess.  Greg’s only experience in slaying anything is in the stories he makes up in his journals, turning his close encounters with school bullies around into great tales of his mighty victories over giants and ogres.  So, when he finds out what is expected of him, naturally he is adamant that the prophecy must be wrong.  But, in a world where almost every detail of life hinges on constant prophecies predicting the future with accuracy, the citizens are anything but ready to assume there could possibly be a mistake, even though all the evidence and the reknowned dragonslayer named Greatheart is standing before him.

He heard the prophet saying that there had been no mistake.  “Of course, the prohecy was meant for Greghart from Earth.  Why, Greatheart from Myrth just wouldn’t make any sense.”

His encounters in this strange world are simply confusing, even to a boy with a very active imagination.

The creature stood on hind legs like a bear, stretching impossibly far upward, its muscular human-like arms held wide.  Gleaming white fangs curled below its pointed chin, and a row of foot-long daggers jutted out of each paw.  Its bellowing roar shook the entire forest, although the sound was nearly lost beneath the ear-piercing scream Greg offered.

Nathan visibly relaxed and lowered his walking stick to the ground.  “Whoa, I must say that had me scared for an instant.”

My 4 and 6 year old were lost while I tried to read it to them, definitely a slow start for their short attention spans, but it is still a wonderful read if you have a few hours.

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