Case of the Trendycats

I never thought I was a trender. Nor a trend follower. I never thought I was a trend leader, either. However, for the last few months (six or so?) I’ve been drooling over deep purple hair on Pinterest…yes, I admit I’m a pinner. Trender.
A few months into the drooling, I marched into my hairdresser’s salon and plucked out the hair swatch book and tagged the purple hair as “it” and away we went. I love it! And I felt so awesome doing something bold and fun and different! Trend follower.
I’ve been noticing several peopole around my town now sporting some shade of purple or other and keep telling myself, “That’s not quite my shade, I’m still unique.” Today I was walking to pick up my daughter from school and a lady I usually saw in her truck as I parked last year, walks by me. I almost choked. She always had this beautiful Pinterest worthy blonde coif. Guess what she’s sporting? Purple. And I’m pretty sure it’s bang on to what I’ve been sporting the last few months. Trend leader.
Now I want something different. Perhaps some Rogue streaks? 🙂 Off to Pinterest I go to gather ideas. Sigh…the irony. (At least I didn’t copy someone from town…I get that point.)

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