Play on Words, easy on the mind.

I just finished reading an entertaining book called, “How To Slay A Dragon” by Bill Allen.  A fantastic play on words from beginning to end, this humorous account of one boy’s attempt at triumph over the impossible is a fun, lighthearted read.

A 12 year-old boy named Greg Hart is transported into another world called Myrth, where a prophecy predicts he will slay a dragon and save a princess.  Greg’s only experience in slaying anything is in the stories he makes up in his journals, turning his close encounters with school bullies around into great tales of his mighty victories over giants and ogres.  So, when he finds out what is expected of him, naturally he is adamant that the prophecy must be wrong.  But, in a world where almost every detail of life hinges on constant prophecies predicting the future with accuracy, the citizens are anything but ready to assume there could possibly be a mistake, even though all the evidence and the reknowned dragonslayer named Greatheart is standing before him.

He heard the prophet saying that there had been no mistake.  “Of course, the prohecy was meant for Greghart from Earth.  Why, Greatheart from Myrth just wouldn’t make any sense.”

His encounters in this strange world are simply confusing, even to a boy with a very active imagination.

The creature stood on hind legs like a bear, stretching impossibly far upward, its muscular human-like arms held wide.  Gleaming white fangs curled below its pointed chin, and a row of foot-long daggers jutted out of each paw.  Its bellowing roar shook the entire forest, although the sound was nearly lost beneath the ear-piercing scream Greg offered.

Nathan visibly relaxed and lowered his walking stick to the ground.  “Whoa, I must say that had me scared for an instant.”

My 4 and 6 year old were lost while I tried to read it to them, definitely a slow start for their short attention spans, but it is still a wonderful read if you have a few hours.

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Started up a Brand New Day…

Turn the clock to zero, boss
The river’s wide, we’ll swim across
Started up a brand new day.

~ Sting

So, it’s a New Year.  Feel any different?  I don’t, except that once again everyone (myself included) is making all kinds of promises of which we all know only a small percentage will withstand.  But, hey, we can all hope, right?  🙂

I was thinking about all this yesterday, and wondering why we all wait until January 1st of the new year to make resolutions?  Afterall, every day is a new day, we can start over the minute we decide to make changes, instead of allowing ourselves a Stag/Stagette period of inconsequential actions.  Well, figuratively speaking.  That 15lbs of holiday eating isn’t any easier to burn off in the new year than the weight we had already planned to lose, we must be mentally hard-wired to cause make-work projects.  My only logical explanation is that if it’s on the 1st day of the new year, it is very easy for us to keep track of how long we made it before we fell off the proverbial wagon.  We all live such busy lives that for me, I have a hard time keeping track of what we had for breakfast and what day it is today.  I suppose it makes things less complicated in that respect.  I dunno.  As I said, my thoughts need an outlet.  🙂

So, if you’ve made resolutions, as have I, congratulations and best wishes that you make it past the three month mark, if not to the end of the year.  My facebook status is: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

In the spirit of being accountable:

Resolution #1 – Say “Please” instead of barking commands at my kids.  “Woof.”

Resolution #2 – Get rid of (aka EAT) all the junk food in the house and don’t bring in any more.  (snicker, giggle…)

Resolution #3 – Don’t be so hard on myself.  First action: Don’t worry too much about #1 and #2.

Have a great year!

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Ring a bell and I salivate…

I hate being a slave to technology, but for some reason Facebook has me set to log on at any cue!  Today I was cleaning up the house for company to visit, opened the dishwasher, thought I should put on some music and went to put a disc in the computer drive and next thing I knew I was surfing facebook!  The other day I was in a hurry to leave the house because we woke up an hour late and everyone was going to be late for school and I was half dressed when I realised I was standing at the computer surfing facebook!  I have found myself logged on without even having fed the kids and by the time I log off, my oldest daughter has fed her sister and it’s now almost noon and I still hadn’t eaten or dressed!!  I think I also hold a record for the number of logins in one day, I admit I lost count but, somewhere around 90?  In one day…   And here I sit again, 10:15 at night, sick (still) and should be in bed resting and I have not showered, still haven’t taken any meds or had any much needed water and realise that I not only have facebook logged in on the computer, but I am also logged in on the iPad!!  Sigh, I think I need intervention or something.  :S

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Some stuff, just stuff.

Sometimes, just when you think you know someone…

I have recently discovered some things I had totally forgotten or had been suppressing for some reason about…myself!  Like, how much I love things like: dubstep music and the dance, RPG gaming, 70’s guitar rock like CREAM and LED ZEPPELIN, extreme mountain biking, home decorating, watching boxing and UFC, wearing jewellery, Farside comics, rolling down a hill in the autumn leaves and dressing up.  What a conglomeration!!  It’s no wonder I feel so messed up all the time, my mind is definitely full of a multitude of personalities.  Sigmund Freud would be so happy to visit me for a week, I am sure of that.  It is so freeing when you allow yourself to be yourself, like a confidence boost because you finally accept yourself for who you are.  Love it.
Don’t get scared though, this blog will not be a full-on tirade on the ultimate benefits of introspection…there will be cool things too.

And for now a quote (my apologies, I can’t recall the source):

“To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying amen to what the world tells you that you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”


I know, in fact we all know, that Murphy’s law is sometimes annoying, often humorous to the bystander, but never welcome to the un-willing participant. :/ I have been under the weather as of late, and should be doing my best to get plenty of rest and drink water like a fish. HOWEVER, for some afore mentioned reason, I find myself sitting in front of this plastic box of silicone chips and plastic coated wires attempting to start writing another blog. Yes, another blog. Like I didn’t learn the first time. But, as my husband, friends and children will attest, I am prone to taking on too much, even in the midst of paring down. So, amid the accomplishments as of late that include: purging SEVEN truckloads of crap and garbage to either the dump or Salvation Army (accordingly of course!), finally tackling the bathroom that was literally falling apart around us, letting go of a great job for simply lack of my available time to commit to it, getting through the Christmas season in the black instead of the red, losing 10lbs and finally getting my computer out of my kitchen – I am going to try again, fresh and new and fun, to keep a blog. It may end up the way of the 42 diaries I have tried to start over the years, ok maybe not 42, but at least this time I have some sort of plan in mind.

A little bit of…

Long ago there was a blog,

a wonderful enchanting blog,

a blog that very few had known, little known it was…

And now this is a brand new blog,

not saying it’s a better blog,

but one I hope that more will know, or at least I’ll know it’s there.

For you see my previous blog,

I often had forgot to blog,

and those who followed, wallowed in the void…

Ok, enough showtunes.  I call this An Earful of Dynamite because, well, I like sarcasm, and random bits of useless info, and some people don’t.  So, if you don’t, don’t read, if you do, enjoy.  Because heaven knows I need an outlet!

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